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It Has Been 1 Year?!

Happy Late Birthday Jäger! ( His birthday was on the 5th of August ) I Feel Bad that we forgot it was his birthday, But he still got A Present! It is a hard, bone And he LOVES it! Our big, Lovey dovey, Beautiful, Yellow Lab is one year old 😦 I cannot belive it!

Now for you all out there who do not know who Jäger is, He is, My Whole Family`s first Puppy. A big Yellow Lab. who I love soo much! His name means “Hunter” In German. You pronounce the “J” as A “Y” ( Yay-Ger )

I have a few photos of Jäger For you all! 😀

Well Thank you so much for reading!

~ Patience



What A Busy Week!

Hello Everyone! It has been a while! I Will tell you just why in this very post, so just keep on reading!

OK so I went to another city to go she my grandma, aunts, uncle and cousins! It had been a long while since we had seen our family, and they are not so far away so it was really fun driving on the road again.:D

Now, My Aunt Really LOVES Crafting, as do I! I just have not been able to do it lately, until we had went to visit. She has A TON, and I mean A TON of tape, Paint, and more So we got to paint! it was SO much fun, you couldn`t even Imagine! I even got to paint a bird house for my daddy since he stayed home.

Over all, I loved the whole week! I love My Family SO much! We had a ton of fun! I could tell! I cannot wait to go visit again! Thank you so much for reading!

~ Patience

My Puppy Model!

So Honestly I really had no Idea what to blog about 😦 I Pretty much have no veiwer witch makes me very sad 😦 But oh well atleast I have Some Veiwers!!! 😀 Thanks to those of you!

Anyways I just wanted to show you two pictures that I took of one of my puppies Louie, I was only able to take pictures of Louie 😦

so here they are! Well There they are! I hope that you Like them, They are both taken and Edited by Me! I know this is a very short post, But I have a good post planned, and that post will be up soon.  Thank you so sooo much for reading!


My New Blog Theme!!!

Do you like my new blog theme?! Well I hope that you do! I thought that I needed something more fresh! some thing maybe a little more “grown up” or my age 😀 I am not able to customize it as much as I would love to. to be able to do so, I would need to Upgrade, unfortunately I cannot do so just Yet. Oh Well 😛 anyways! I think that this theme is cute but serious at the same time. That is good, correct? I Would love if I could change the Blog footer to a different color, but again, I cannot 😦

Now to focus on what I love/like about this theme. I love how you can customize the link, Title, Header, and accent colors. 🙂 I Love how you can select or make a Header image 🙂 and if you prefer to not have a header image of course you can Remove the image. You can also organize the footer.

Well that is all I know about the theme as of now so thank you for reading!

~ Patience

Whataburger take out food!

  Disclosure: Product was not provided (I bought it myself). I was not paid to write this. All thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials express on this post are my own.  

I am posting this rather Late, I ate this maybe three days ago. . .I think 😛 well anyways 🙂 i think that Whataburger`s food if very good. I would give it a thumbs up! and not to mention the ham burgers YUM! I would eat whataburgers any day. I am always in the mood for a good ham burger!

My iced tea!

My iced tea!

I love their French fries dipped in their gravy! it is so YUMMY! I also love when the fries are extra salty! and Extra Pickles in the hamburger. Their Ketchup is so good as well.

This is a really short post I just do not know how to describe how delicious the food is! thank you for reading!

~ Patience