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Ghoulias hair and Makeup

Ghoulias hair and Makeup

Hello, and good morning to every one! well This doll, My mom bought on amazon, believe it or not even on the internet it is hard to choose just one doll.when I saw this doll I kind of wanted her, not only would it be my first ghoulia, and it would be my first scaris ( city of frights ) doll to.

The three things that I did / do not like about this doll, is the way she was boxed. The back side of her pony – tail was parted in two, which makes it hard to keep it in one whole. Her bangs are Really stiff, I understand why, it just makes the dolls head feel weird. Last but not least on her shoes, the heel is super bendable, if you push her down to hard on a flat surface, the heel will bend.

Ghoulia`s High heeled shoes

Ghoulia`s High heeled shoes

The things that I liked about this doll most of all are her red glasses, her

dress, and I really like how her hands can fit into the pocket on her dress.

I do hope that Monster High continues to make more Freaky Fabulous  dolls like this Ghoulia Yelps. Thank you for reading!

~ Patience

P.S. I almost forgot, this particular doll has very good joints!