South Texas Tween Blogging

patienceHi! My name’s Patience. I’m 11 and live with my family here in South Texas (a few streets away from the beach; it’s awesome). I have a younger sister – who gets on my nerves most times, but shes’s pretty fun to hang around with – and I have an older brother who’s a little on the wierd side, but he’s cool too. I look up to him (most days).

I’m a middle child – if you haven’t already gathered that – and seem to get into the most trouble. I’m a huge drama queen. I love fashion, animals and making stop motion videos with my Monster High Dolls; you can check out my YouTube channel and follow me if you’d like (please).

Being the middle child has it’s advantages – I’m very, VERY, creative. I can draw, write and create videos better than both my sister and brother – I think that’s pretty cool, and I can crochet, sew (still learning), and can help my mom make a mean batch of brownies. Just sayin’.

Almost forgot…

I also have two dogs. Jager [pronounced yay-gurr] (our – almost – one year old golden lab), and Louie (our -very crazy – 17 week old Jack Russell; he thinks he’s the alpha of us all). They’re very fun dogs. They both love to play catch and go absolutely crazy over anything with Peanut butter in it.

My mom is a blogger @ Blogfully,  and my dad, a taxidermist.  🙂

Now the nitty-gritty…

I’ve started this blog because, one, I need something to keep me busy – my mind is always very active and needs productivity to function. And two, because my mom blogs and I think that what she does is so much fun.

From today and moving forward, I hope to meet lots of great people, connect with lots of great toy, fashion, and beauty companies, review fun stuff and most importanlty – visit Disney World with my family because none of us have ever been there before.

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll continue to visit and help me reach my blogging dreams!

~ Patience


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