disclosure: I do not own anything, I was not paid to write this, and all thoughts and opinions come from myself.
Well you may know that I LOVE! Monster high dolls well…I also love BJD’s “Patience, what does that mean?” You may ask. Well that stands for “ball jointed doll.” A monster high doll is a sort of a BJD but in a way they are not. BJD’s cost hundreds of dollars. To buy the head, customize the face, buy the body, the clothing, water colors, pastels, brushes, eyelashes, and so on for one doll. It seems Like a lot but I love it! There is even a faceup artist ( customizes BJD faces ) on YouTube that is so talented! I have no idea how she does it. It is like magic!
Anyways That’s all I have to say for now! Thank you so,so,so,so much for reading! As always…
~ Patience